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RAPID-Health 1-month Program

Join our accelerator program for SUCCESS!



April 4  – May 1, 2020


Knowledge workshops

EBU 2020

Get Connected


Deal Making

The program

  • Regional Accelerator Program for Innovation & Development (RAPID)

  • Jointly developed by EBU, TGN and Tiger Accelerator

  • The 2020 SPRING program will start from April 4 at JIM, Utrecht

  • Zorg & ICT Expo and Get Connected Health conference.

   When to sign up:

  • 10 December 2019             Call open to participation RAPID health (1-month program)

  • 31 January 2020                  Deadline applicants for the RAPID Health program April 2020.

  • 15 February 2020                Decision by international jury for definitive participation in April.




Week 0: April 4-5

Arrival and explore the city.

Day 1: Arrival.

Day 2: Explore the city and relax.

Week 1: April 6-12

Intensive Bootcamp and coaching.

Day 1: A warm welcome by the vice mayor, group event at JIM about pitching.

Day 2: Health Hub Taiwan at Zorg & ICT (Healthcare & ICT) expo (1st day)

Day 3: Health Hub Taiwan at Zorg & ICT (Healthcare & ICT) expo (2nd day)

Day 4: Meeting Startup Utrecht, UCIB, EBU, and Uzelf. A Dutch culture workshop.

Day 5: 1on1 mentor program. Dutch cooking workshop. Product/service development.

Day 6: Think outside the box challenge. GAP-analysis and business model workshop.

Day 7: Work on Business Proposition. Innovation cycle tour. Looking back/forward.

Week 2: April 13-19

Visits and matchmaking

Day 1: Team building.

Day 2: Picture moment.

Day 3: Meet with ./ and USP. Business proposition. Prep for Zorg en ICT en Get Connectd.

Day 4: Taiwan Business Day 2019 in JIM. Pitching. Picture moments.

Day 5: Startup Fest Health 2019. Taiwan innovation pavillion.

Day 6: Startup fest health 2019. External parties invited for potential matchmaking.

Day 7: Benchmarking a landing in the Netherlands. Networking event with the Taiwan Business Association Community + TRO. Looking back / forward.

Week 3: April 20-26

Demo week

Day 1: Utrecht museum tours.

Day 2: Day off.

Day 3: Problem-solving. Cost calculation for your service. What would x do?

Day 4: Go to market strategies explained. Work on your business proposition. 

Day 5: Communication Workshop. Receiving and understanding responses.

Day 6: Try out other solutions to incorporate in your own product. EBU get connected.

Day 7: Work on business proposition. Looking back / forward, and at successes.

Week 4: April 27-May 1


Day 1: Amsterdam NEMO.

Day 2: Day off.

Day 3: Competitive and partner analysis. Investor decisionmaking. DGG approach.

Day 4: How to go global? EU business proposition development.

Day 5: THINC health technology assessment. Visit UMCU. Culture event.

Day 6: How to successfully scale to the Dutch market? Business proposition.

Day 7: Prepare your pitch and make a deal. Evaluation moment. Dinner with the people that made this possible and the other RAPID Health attendees. Closing event with happy hour. 

指導單位INSTRUCTOR:                        主辦單位ORGANIZER:        協辦單位CO-ORGANIZER
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