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Spring 2021 Go Digital: May 17 - May 28

RAPID-Health & AI

Join our 2-weeks accelerator program for accessing the European Market!

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Program Overview

The RAPID-Health Spring 2021 edition is a 2-weeks online program, which includes two major components.


The first component is a series of interactive live Webinars with seasoned health sector experts, on diverse knowledge areas related to the European Health & Life Sciences market. The business topics covered include insights on European healthcare systems, Funding, VCs, business models and more. 


The second component consists of Individual Consulting hours. Each participating startup will receive 6 hours of 1-on-1 consultancy services provided by ROM Utrecht Region and Tiger Accelerator, with a focus on helping the startups to identify their best course of action for entering the Dutch & European Health markets.


International health sector startups interested in entering the Dutch & European markets are welcome to apply.

After RAPID, you will have insights on:

What the next steps should be...

  • to successfully contact your potential launching customer(s).

  • for the Market access plan approach.

How your product / service...

  • fits the healthcare market in Utrecht/Netherlands/Europe.

  • could be reimbursed by Health insurer in the Netherlands.

  • fits as part of a supply chain with Dutch/Utrecht partners.

  • could fit the business of health organisations.

What needs to be done in order to...

  • validate for medical use in the Netherlands and Europe.

  • convince your potential launching customer (customer demand and orientation)

  • access the possibilities for getting funding (VC/Grants/BA/...)

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The RAPID-Health Spring 2021 two-week program will last from May 17 to May 28.


  • February 1, 2021 | Open Call for participation RAPID-Health & AI Spring 2021

  • April 30, 2021 | Pre-qualification results: Pitch events candidates invited

  • May 7, 2021 | Pitching your startup in front of an international jury for RAPID program selection (Starting from 8:30 CET)

  • May 7, 2021 | Decision by international jury for definitive RAPID Program participation.




The RAPID-Health Spring 2021 program is provided free of charge for companies that are selected to participate by the international jury.


Note: After the 2-weeks program, qualified companies can enter the RAPID Intensive Coaching phase with a starting duration of 3 months, for a fee of 3,000 euro.



After Spring 2021: RAPID Intensive Coaching


At the end of the RAPID-Health Spring 2021 program, participating companies will be evaluated based on factors such as Technology Readiness Level, product-market fit and other key criteria, to determine whether they qualify for the next phase of RAPID: the Intensive Coaching phase


Companies whose profiles meet the specifications of the program can choose to enter the Intensive Coaching phase for a fee of 3,000 euro. This advanced phase of RAPID presents customised and substantial softlanding opportunities for every company to enter the European Health & Life Sciences market.


With a starting duration of 3 months, the RAPID Intensive Coaching phase includes:


  • Access to Market trajectory: Customised business development consulting and matchmaking services provided by Tiger Accelerator in cooperation with Taiwan Business Association and ROM Utrecht Region Team Impact.


  • Access to Funding trajectory: Networking services and matchmaking services with Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Corporate Venture Capital and other sources of funding.


  • Regular online support and consulting hours provided by ROM Utrecht Region & Tiger Accelerator.


  • Support by organising partners in startup’s own region/country.


  • Support by Thinc., UtrechtINC, StartupUtrecht and ROM Utrecht Region team Trade & Invest about validation programs, incubator programs and other softlanding programs into the Netherlands.


How to apply:


Applications can be made via the application form.

For any inquiry about the RAPID-Health & AI Programs, please contact:

Image by Sean Pollock


Week 1: Bootcamp

Explore market possibilities and unmet needs.

Get in-depth knowledge about ecosystems in Life Sciences & Health.


Pitching events.

Program highlights:

  • Healthcare and supply chains : Netherlands, Finland, Germany and Taiwan

  • AI-driven Health & AI-Validation

  • Selling and Business Development in NL, Finland & Germany

  • Valorisation & Market Readiness

  • Unmet market needs: The Big 5 challenges of Health & unmet needs in Utrecht Region

  • How to prepare for participation in an existing ecosystem

  • Bringing forward your USP versus market adoption

Week 2: Specialisation

Get to know the funding and supporting organisations for next steps in validation and softlanding.


Learn about the cultural aspects of Marketing and Branding your product. Learn about EU regulation in GDPR and Medical Device Regulation.


Get in depth insights from successful startups and Key players' strategies for investment.

Program highlights:

  • Potential Customers (docter, engineer, manager) perspective on how to adopt innovations in hospitals

  • Market access plan and business plan coaching

  • European Regulations: MDR and GDPR

  • Lean entries platform

  • Funding possibilities, VC’s network and decision making process

  • SME Example & RAPID Alumni experience sharing


Our team of experts consultants from the Netherlands & Taiwan is composed of senior business professionals and governance leaders experienced with various aspects of accessing the European Health & Life Sciences market. Some members of the team include:

Jelle van der Weijde.jpg

Jelle van der Weijde

  • LinkedIn

Director Health / Business Partner Health, 

ROM Utrecht Region

gerard hoskens.jpg

Gerard Hoskens

  • LinkedIn

Independent Management Consultant, Mentor Rapid Health

Freek van Muiswinkel2.jpg

Freek van Muiswinkel, PhD

  • LinkedIn

Director Entrepreneurship & Regional Partnerships, Universiteit Utrecht

Agenda 2021
Friso Smit_profile.jpg

Friso Smit, PhD

  • LinkedIn

New Business Development Manager, Utrecht Science Park

Heerd Jan.jpg

Heerd Jan Hoogeveen

  • LinkedIn

Managing Director, Startup Utrecht

Douwe Jippes.jpg

Douwe Jippes

  • LinkedIn

Founder / Managing Partner, 

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